Thank you for purchasing tickets to Ability Fest 2021

Thank you for purchasing tickets to Ability Fest 2021!

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We thank you for being part of this unique festival experience.

All proceeds go to the Dylan Alcott Foundation.

The foundation is committed to changing the lives of young Australians living with disability. In its first two years, Ability Fest raised just shy of $500,000 for Alcott’s foundation. These funds are used to help young Australians with disabilities fulfil their potential through their grant program. So far they’ve given kids right across Australia wheelchairs to go to the Paralympics, put young adults through University and even funded their own startups to help them achieve their dreams.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the lush surrounds of Alexandra Gardens this November.

Looking for a support worker to accompany you to the festival?

Sign up to MABLE to connect with thousands of Independent support workers in Melbourne ~ Official Care & Support Partner of Ability Fest 2021