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Event Info
  • Sunday 7th April
  • 12pm – 10pm
  • Coburg Velodrome – 30 Charles Street, Coburg
Please Note
  • This is a strictly 18+ event.
  • Pass-outs are available to all guests via the main entrance.
  • You may be filmed at this event for broadcasting.
  • Let’s all keep a close eye on each other. We’re all friends.
  • Drink lots of water and pace yourself.
  • Familiarise yourself with the official Ability Fest map, especially areas like First Aid & Water Stations.
  • Come prepared for forecasted weather (Remember; it’s Melbourne).
Getting There

Coburg Velodrome is located on Charles Street, Coburg North.

Please Note; Parking is not available except for a specific car park reserved for those with a disabled permit.

We have done our best to list possible transit options to & from the venue below.

To Drive
  • From Flinders Street Station, it is a 21 minute drive to the Coburg Velodrome in moderate traffic
To Train
  • Catch the Upfield line from Flinders Street Station to Batman [11 stops, 23 minutes]
  • It is a 1KM walk (about 12 minutes) from Batman Station to the Coburg Velodrome
To Tram
  • Catch the #19 tram towards North Coburg from Flinders Street Station
  • Get off the tram at Renown St/Sydney Road
  • It is a 850m walk (about 10 minutes) from the tram stop to the Coburg Velodrome
Arrival & Entry

On arrival at Ability Festival, please proceed to the front gates in an orderly manner with your digital ticket ready or printed ticket ready to show volunteers on the gate.

Please note; any tickets other than General Admin will need to proceed to the box office beside the front gate.

What To Bring

Ability Fest has you covered.

The event will be overflowing with local vendors offering food, drinks, crafts & activities

  • Service dogs are welcomed & will have an area for them to refresh & relax.
  • There is a dedicated quiet zone for those who medically require or just simply need some time out. See the map for specifics.
  • Remember the temperamental weather that is in Melbourne and dress accordingly.
  • Phone chargers are recommended as there will be no charging bays.
Banned Items

Alcohol, glass (perfume bottles under 100ml are permitted), food, soft drinks, metal cutlery, bottle openers, cans, more than 100ml of liquid (sunscreen, perfume, makeup), hydration packs or bladders, skateboards, milk crates, containers of liquid fuel, water pistols, weapons, illegal drugs, fireworks, fire twirling devices, flares, professional recording devices, laser lights, studded clothing apparel, any other items considered illegal or dangerous, animals, umbrellas, eskys, backpacks larger than an A4 piece of paper, shopping trolleys, camping chairs, deck chairs, bean bags, air beds, tables, tents, sun shades, aerosols.


Parking is only available for those ticket holders who hold a valid disability permit.

Please look out for the official Ability Fest Map that will be released ~2 weeks prior to the event which will advise you exactly where the parking lot is.

Parking has generously been made available by VISY.

Disability Information

First & foremost, we cannot wait to welcome you to the Ability Fest.

The Coburg Velodrome will be transformed into a completely accessible venue with the inclusion of elevated platforms, pathways, quiet zones, companion ticketing, ramps, stacks of friendly volunteers & of course accessible toilets are a priority of the Ability Fest team.

Should you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Volunteer Information

Ability Fest came to fruition due to the generous donation of everyone's’ time. There is always room for more volunteers both in the lead up & on the day of the event.

We will be looking for volunteers the day prior, the day of and the day following.

Please apply below.

Medical & Wellbeing

Ability Fest will be looked after by St John Ambulance officers. Please visit them for any of your medical needs. Their location will be marked appropriately on the map released 2 weeks prior to event.

If you’re simply needing some time out, please visit the ANZ Sensory area of the festival where you can relax, refresh & take some quiet time out.

Lost & Found

If you lose an item at Ability Fest, we will do all we can to help you find it.

Contact our Facebook page after the event with details about your item.