Last year, Eves Karydas shared the universally acclaimed single, ‘Complicated’. It was tipped one of the “years best pop anthems” by Rolling Stone landed at #22 in triple j’s Hottest 100, broke through commercially going ATB at Nova, Hit and Kiss FM nationally, and scored placement in BBC Radio 1’s Best New Pop playlist. The song marked the beginning of an exciting new era for Eves who furthered her patented brand of future pop invention with follow up track, ‘Get Me So High’.

Of the new single, she shares: “Freckles has been years in the making. It’s a song I started a long, long time ago… it began as a small thought about the rush of growing up and has morphed, over the years, into a real lived experience. Now I’m halfway through my 20s I sing these lyrics earnestly and truthfully.

The catalyst to finally finishing this song was that recently I fell over on the pavement and grazed my knee. I hadn’t done that in a very long time. The context that made this moment poignant to me was that I was confronting my mental health properly for the first time in my life and it was a complicated and scary process. So for some reason, the act of putting on a bandaid and continuing on with my day really struck me. I couldn’t remember the last time getting hurt was so simple.

Freckles is ultimately about finding my safe space in-amongst the chaos of my life. A place where I can tune out all my anxieties and fears. And that place, for me, is with the person I love most in the world.”

We can't wait to welcome her to Ability Fest 2021